Why Everyone Needs a Librarian as a Friend

My grandmother instilled the love for reading and bookstores in me when I was a little boy. She didn't believe in spending money and time on things that were not vital to everyday life. As a result, I got a library card and spent a lot of time in the Tyler Public Library. I learned how to navigate the Dewey Decimal System by the time I was seven and discovered that books were the gateway to new worlds. Twenty-six years, 3 degrees, and two kids of my own (that we regularly read with) later, I would say that my grandmother's efforts to keep me busy paid off.

The local library is also the place where I discovered some of the nicest, smartest, and most resourceful people on the planet. No, I'm not referring to my fellow comic enthusiasts. I'm talking about the librarians, keepers of the great treasures that we call books. These people know EVERYTHING! They're more than book admirers who rent books to patrons, wear funny glasses, and tell people to "shhhhh!" Librarians are intellectually curious, knowledgable, and friendly. We all could use friends like this!

Below are my reasons why everyone needs a librarian as a friend:

Librarians can have a conversation about ANYTHING!
Think about it. Librarians have access to information and resources about everything in the world. This means that they will always have something to talk about (no matter the subject). If you like playing trivia games, it pays to have a librarian at the table.

Librarians can help you solve just about any problem!
Librarians have been our living "search engines" for centuries. If you tell your librarian friend that you are having a difficult time planting azaleas, they've likely thought about several databases, magazines, books, etc. that could help you get them growing. Whatever your hustle, having a librarian as a friend increases the likelihood of success. As my friend and librarian, Ingrid Ruffin says, "librarians stay on their access to information for all grinds."

Librarians share their toys!
I have yet to meet a librarian who doesn't want to share when new resources are available. Whether it's a new piece of software, updated resources, or helpful books, your librarian friend will want to tell everyone! While working on my doctorate, the librarian for my major taught me how use every relevant search engine and database pertaining to my topic. 

Librarians promote literacy!
Reading is a skill that everyone needs. While living in Knoxville, TN, the local libraries sent free books to my daughter on a monthly basis. This helped us tremendously with our nightly readings. The librarians always made sure that each book was age appropriate and relevant.

So go out support a librarian today!