10 years...

The year was 2006. I had just graduated from Abilene Christian University with a BFA in Graphic Design. I was optimistic about the future and knew that I had the potential to do some amazing things. My teachers believed in my talent. My friends loved my work and were very encouraging. My family was beyond supportive. The problem was, I didn't believe in me. I failed to get into any graduate schools and I had no job(s) lined up. I sat back and watched in amazement as my classmates went on to get married, buy houses, work for great design firms, and travel the world. Meanwhile, I couldn't even make ends meet. That led me down a long road of self-doubt, anxiety, and paralysis of analysis.

I questioned myself at every turn. With every design project came the overwhelming fear of being called a "fraud" or looking at the work of my peers feeling like I wasn't good enough. Despite everything went on to accomplish in academia and in other areas, I still did not believe in myself.

About a year ago, I made a goal to confront my fear of failure and start believing in myself. I decided that I possessed the gifts, knowledge, support, and passion to accomplish everything that I wanted. I'm freelance graphic designer, licensed minister, and an educator. The problem was, I had NO IDEA how to put it all together and market myself. So I spent a lot of time praying, seeking insight from others, benchmarking, reading books, going to conferences, and asking a lot of questions. All for the sake of branding myself and each of my skill areas.

On July 30, 2016, I put myself out there. I stopped asking "what if" and decided to take a chance on me. That's how The B. Jones Project came into existence. It's been 10 years in the making.

Why am I posting this now? Because I want to encourage you, whoever you may be, to believe in yourself and take a chance on YOU. God has equipped you with everything you need live out your purpose in this world. It's up to you to take those gifts, knowledge, and experiences and turn them into something.

Below is a summary of what I learned over the last ten years:

  1. Quit comparing yourself to the other people doing what you do. They are not YOU!
  2. Do something EVERYDAY that puts you one step closer to your goal. 
  3. Challenge yourself to go beyond what is comfortable, familiar, and easy.
  4. Believe in YOU! There's a reason why you were asked to do that presentation, take on that project, lead in a key area, etc.

I'm done doubting me. So if you see me putting out new things every time you check this website or my social media accounts, it's because I now BELIEVE!